Rasmus Hougaard is the Founder and MD of Potential Project, a global leadership training, organizational development and research firm. They help leaders and organizations enhance performance, innovation and resilience through mindfulness and other practices grounded in neuroscience and research.

They partner with forward thinking companies like Cisco, LEGO, Accenture, Microsoft and 500+ other global clients helping create people-centric cultures and truly human leadership. Rasmus is recognized by Thinkers50 as one of the most important emerging business thinkers and leaders in the world. He writes for Harvard Business Review and Forbes and lectures at the world’s leading business and executive education schools like IMD, Rotman and IESE. Rasmus has a background in organizational development and research as well as a leadership career in Sony Corporation.

He has led over 1,500 keynotes and workshops and is recognized as the leading global authority on training the mind to be focused, effective and clear for great leadership, performance, innovation and resilience. He is also a sought-after keynote speaker and leadership developer within corporations and has spoken to employees, leaders and executives at Microsoft, McKinsey, American Express, LEGO, Google, World Bank and hundreds of other organizations.

Also, he is a frequent speaker at the premium business, leadership and HR conferences like Work Human, HRD Summit, Mindful Leadership Summit, Wisdom 2.0 and numerous others. Rasmus’ most recent book The Mind of the Leader, published by Harvard Business Review, is based on research on 35,000 leaders and executives and provides a pathway to great leadership in the 21st century.

It is one of the fastest selling books from HBR in years. His first book One Second Ahead – Enhancing Your Performance at Work with Mindfulness, is a performance bible in organizations like Accenture, LEGO and many more.

The Mind of the Leader

2021-01-28T09:00:00-05:00 2021-02-03T08:00:00-05:00 Thursday, January 28th 9:00 EDT Length: 90 minutes

Rasmus Hougaard

  • One of the Most Important Emerging Business Thinkers and Leaders in the World - Thinkers50, 2019
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The world is facing a leadership crisis. 77% of leaders think they do a great job of engaging their people, while 88% of employees say their leaders aren’t engaging enough. This is an enormous waste of human talent. In this talk, Rasmus Hougaard will share radical, yet practical solutions to help organizations and managers to put people at the center of their strategy, assisting executives in actually leading with the three core mental qualities: mindfulness, selflessness, and compassion.

1. How mindfulness impacts focus and performance.

2. How selflessness impacts your employees and organization.

3. How compassion impacts leadership and collaboration

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