Elaina Noell is the founder and principal of Inspiring Accountability in the Workplace, providing employee engagement and leadership training, consulting and coaching. She is also a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming coach through the esteemed NLP Marin. This modality updates the subconscious brain’s associations and response patterns to allow the client to more effortlessly have what they want. Elaina uses her expertise in human dynamics to offer modern, brain-based leadership tools and strategies. Elaina’s second book, Inspiring Accountability in the Workplace, contains her best tools and resources to unlock the brain's secrets to inspiring employee engagement, accountability, and results.

Inspire Accountability with Possibility Thinking: Coaching Clients to Coach Others

2020-10-22T17:00:00-04:00 2020-10-28T08:00:00-04:00 Thursday, October 22nd 17:00 EDT Length: 90 minutes

Elaina Noell

  • Founder of Inspiring Accountability in the Workplace
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Possibility Thinking includes specific questions that act as coaching tools to help inspire more engagement, accountability, and results, primarily by appealing the part of the brain that is most needed to be on board for the changes your clients seek. By using these questions, you’ll both rewire your clients’ brains to think more about what’s possible and help them inspire the same with those in their life, whether employees in the workplace or with their loved ones.

This methodology is derived from Inspiring Accountability in the Workplace’s Results Model, which Elaina primarily teaches to workplace leaders to help them inspire more engagement, accountability, and effective results from their team in positive and productive ways.

In addition to its effectiveness in the workplace, Possibility Thinking is immensely useful in cultivating personal development. Elaina will cover how you can coach with Possibility Thinking and expand on it with other linguistic tools.

This session is geared to help you inspire the brain to actively participate in the change instead of remaining passive or resistant. Join Elaina in this effective yet easy-to-integrate session, and get ready to inspire your clients (and their brains) to be more naturally engaged, accountable, and make meaningful strides toward their desired outcomes!

1. How to use Possibility Thinking with your clients to help them (and their brains) be more engaged, accountable for their desired outcomes.

2. How Possibility Thinking can be used by your clients with those around them to get better outcomes.

3. Additional language techniques to improve engagement, accountability, and results.

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