Carole founded executive coaching and leadership firm, Full Potential Group, over 20 years ago with the mission of transforming individuals, leadership and organisational culture. She believes most people can activate at least 30% more of their potential. She is passionate about well-being and performance, activating new potential in leaders, teams and organisations to make a greater difference in the world.

Carole has appeared on TV and radio and is author of 4 bestselling books: Transform Your Life, Your Pocket Life Coach, Full Potential Leadership and Full Potential Coach – Transforming People’s Potential into Results. She has touched the lives of over 250,000 people and worked with more than 300 organisations in the UK, USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. An award-winning speaker, highly-acclaimed coach and facilitator, she specialises in coaching leaders and executive teams, creating agile culture change, transformational leadership and purposeful teams.

Carole is also a Master Certified Practitioner in Neuro-agility and Motivational Maps. Her biggest learning journey was undoubtedly being diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in 2013. In hindsight, this was her greatest gift and a turning point. She thought: “I can’t die yet. I haven’t fulfilled all of my potential. I can’t go, I haven’t finished!” At the time, she was developing the idea of coaching head and heart potential, using neuroscience and motivational intelligence, but her own brain was compromised by chemo.

A key to her recovery was to more fully align her head, heart and gut: becoming more brain fit and neuro-agile, re-orienting her life and work around her motivational drivers, listening to her intuition and speaking her truth - no holds barred! Her message now is "You can’t afford to waste your life, every moment is precious, do the things that will make a real difference.

Stop wasting time dancing around the edges, speak your truth, fully embrace your future by being the very best version of yourself – always!”. "Don’t be fooled by appearances: Carole may look gentle, but she opens her mouth and pins her audience to the wall!" Vistage CEO Network. “ A fantastic hit. Provocative and educational, created a real buzz” Mercer Global Investment.

Make a Seismic Impact with Full Brain Coaching

2020-06-05T09:00:00-04:00 2020-06-10T08:00:00-04:00 Friday, June 5th 9:00 EDT Length: 45 minutes

Carole Gaskell

  • Founder & CEO of Full Potential Group
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Are you ready for seismic shifts with the individuals and teams you coach? We are living in a complex, chaotic world. Yet as coaches we create luminosity for our clients to think, feel and believe in something different. This session will provide you with leading edge thinking, tools and techniques to cut through the uncertainty and chaos that impacts performance, health and well-being of individuals, teams and entire organisations. Latest research by Accenture*shows that whilst only 8% of respondents use a whole-brain approach today, 82% intend to use a whole-brain approach in the next 3 years. Learn how to activate Full Brain Coaching, aligning head, heart and gut, creating a bridge between everyday craziness and new levels of possibility. This active session is packed with inspiration, practical tools, techniques, physical and mental brain fitness exercises.

1. How could you apply full brain coaching with your coaches?
2. What are your 3 biggest take-aways from the session, that will make a genuine difference to your coaching impact?
3. Less than 50% of people understand what truly motivates them, how will you motivate your coachees through chaos?

Make a Seismic Impact with Full Brain Coaching - Part 2

2020-11-12T09:00:00-05:00 2020-10-19T20:46:49-04:00 Thursday, November 12th 9:00 EDT Length: 90 minutes

Carole Gaskell

  • Founder & CEO of Full Potential Group

Are you ready for seismic shifts with your clients? As coaches, we create luminosity to cut through the uncertainty and chaos that impacts the performance, health and well-being of individuals, teams, and entire organizations.

This session is packed with leading-edge thinking, tools, techniques, and 15 physical and mental brain fitness exercises, to fully align our head, heart, and gut at this crucial time. You’ll learn how to: Mobilise people’s Gut-Brain: 90% of the body's serotonin involved in mood management is produced in the gut.

Knowing how to enhance intuition, beliefs and motivational drivers enable people to instinctively respond to challenges with confidence, courage, purpose, and a greater sense of well-being and resilience. Engage their Heart Brain: The heart emits an energy field 5,000 times stronger than the head, so by coaching emotions, visions, and dreams, you can improve their emotional intelligence, authenticity and social influence. Activate their Head Brain: Most people are using less than 20% of their brainpower. Know how to enhance people’s analytical thinking, innovation, active learning, and complex problem-solving abilities, by understanding and applying the latest developments in neuroscience - neuro-agility and brain fitness.

1. How to create more luminosity as a coach, feel braver to show up fully aligned: head, heart, and gut.

2. Know how to help clients navigate chaos by changing beliefs, mapping motivation, and full potential visioning.

3. Have practical tools and techniques to boost people's brain fitness and agility.

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