Carlo is responsible for the integrity of the business and the leaders who run our workplace and workshops. He has been a member of CTI’s faculty since 2013, leading both public and corporate programs. Carlo has worked as a program designer, coach, and lead faculty member on leadership development initiatives for international audiences, and spent the past 15 years in both line and leadership roles in mid- to large-sized leadership development companies in Canada and the United States. He has led a national practice of associate coaching faculty and has been responsible for faculty development in several organizations.

Co-Active Leadership & Coaching: How Contextually-Based, Experientially-Driven Learning Leads to Mastery

2020-06-04T13:00:00-04:00 2020-06-10T08:00:00-04:00 Thursday, June 4th 13:00 EDT Length: 45 minutes

Carlo Bos

  • Co-President, CTI

Sandra Cain

  • Senior Faculty, CTI
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In this Introduction to Co-Active Coaching and Leadership, CTI Senior Faculty member Sandra Cain and Co-President and Faculty Member Carlo Bos will provide participants with a sampling of what it’s like to be in CTI’s Coach Training and Certification process. They will lead participants through two exercises done live on the broadcast, and share one of the secrets that has CTI’s renowned training stand apart from the rest. They will also talk about how CTI weaves coaching through the context of leadership, and the importance that we, as coaches, take a stand for everyone seeing themselves as leaders and co-creators of our shared world.  Finally, participants will be provided an overview of some of the beliefs, tenets and core aspects of CTI’s Co-Active Model and Certification program to help illuminate what CTI uniquely contributes to the world of coaching.

  1. The ability to articulate some of the unique attributes of the Co-Active Model and CTI’s global in-person and virtual offerings, including Certification. 
  2. A taste of how we use our contextually-based design to create a transformational experience.   
  3. Enter into a larger context of leadership and co-creation which CTI feels is paramount to our world.
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