Tamura, known as “Tami,” is an award-winning speaker with an electrifying personality and heart for people. She is one of the United States government’s prominent trainers and speakers. Tami travels internationally alongside political appointees and law enforcement addressing executive excellence, government accountability, professional development, system innovation, cross-functional team building, homeless program implementations, and the implications of government policy. Her compassion in leadership, ethical accountability, and performance driven energy are reasons why she leads several key task forces for the government.

 As an ICF accredited and respected Coach, Tami is a confidant to leadership including government officials, law enforcement, executive directors and board members, pastors, and entrepreneurs. Her expertise in crisis management and coaching leaders in crisis has proven valuable to local governments, first responders, medical personnel, clergy across beliefs, and families impacted during the recent covid-19 pandemic. During the international crisis, she has coordinated and led several virtual first responder and Chaplain group coaching sessions providing space for immediate mental and emotional release. 

For more than 15 years, Tami has coached individual and group sessions in corporate, retreat, faith-based, and private settings. Her coaching experience includes leadership, transformational, business, diversity and inclusion, executive, entrepreneurship, professional development, law enforcement, ethics, fitness, health and wellness, womens and youth empowerment, and bereavement. She heads a career coaching network, is a trainer and mentor to new coaches, and serves as a federal coach for multiple government leadership development programs. She coaches executives internationally and provides corporate team building coaching used to enhance personal and organizational capacity. 

Tami is a highly motivated, resolutions driven leader with integrity. She is the founder and Principal of Wellness Empowerment, a consulting firm. As CEO, Tami leads an award-winning team of experts across several disciplines. She is an established motivator and leader with a proven record of building community-based initiatives, increasing system capacity, and establishing innovative approaches for crisis management. Having developed an instrumental partnership with medical professionals and community leaders, she has implemented community health and education conferences across the U.S.

 As a Law Enforcement Chaplain, Tami provides confidential counseling to law enforcement leadership, officers, deputies, agents, and staff. She serves on many elite forces as an ethics agent, a trained mediator, and a Mental Health First Aid counselor with 25 years experience in the mental health field. She is also a trainer of Chaplains and coordinates community outreach initiatives for law enforcement entities.

Tami has received accolades and awards from several community advocates and U.S. government officials including former President Ronald Reagan, former Vice President Joe Biden, Sheriff Ted Jackson, Chief Markus Jones, and former District of Columbia Mayors, Marian Barry and Adrian Fenty. She is also a guest professor for many universities and serves on several non-profit boards, academic advisory councils, and government leadership groups.

*Coach Showcase* Coaching in Crisis

2021-01-20T17:00:00-05:00 2022-11-26T10:04:32-05:00 Wednesday, January 20th 17:00 EDT Length: 60 minutes

Tami Hill Thomas

  • Human Services Advisor and Leadership Coach
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What to do when the coaching session suddenly goes from coaching to crisis. Noticing body language, the atmosphere, and even voice changes could help a coach to recognize early signs of a crisis. This session will provide coaches with insight into de-escalation steps that could aid the individual in crisis. The session will also share options and techniques on how to end a coaching session safely should a crisis be identified.

This session is geared to help elevate a coach’s situational awareness and increase coaching safety.

  1. Coaches will gain situational awareness to recognize a crisis from a "normal" session. Coaches will learn safety skills for both in person as well as virtual and telephone coaching sessions.
  2. Coaches will learn behaviors to observe of the coachee that could indicate they are in crisis and which next steps to take (referral to mental health professional, call 911, or abruptly end the session).
  3. Coaches will elevate their self management skills to understand HOW to respond when behaviors are observed so they remain safe in the moment.
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