Nihar Chhaya is a Wharton and Columbia-trained corporate executive coach and keynote speaker with over 20 years of business experience and leadership development expertise. He has been a trusted coach to the C-suite and leaders at global companies including: American Airlines, 3M, Baker Hughes, Bridgestone, Cigna, Coca-Cola, Cox Enterprises, Dell, Eli Lilly, GameStop, GE, FedEx, JP Morgan Chase, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed Martin, Pioneer Natural Resources, Raytheon, Royal Caribbean, Royal Dutch Shell, Target, and many others.

Nihar brings a high level of business credibility to his coaching, having personally held leadership roles in finance, sales and marketing at several global corporations. During his career, he co-founded the internal strategic planning group of Limited Brands (NYSE: LB) in the office of the CFO.

He also coached the CEO of several startups in South America on behalf of the Endeavor organization. Prior to starting his own practice, Nihar was the head of talent and executive development at Texas Instruments, a Fortune 200 company and spent many years as a senior advisor to boards and CEOs on executive assessment and development with Korn Ferry Hay Group and CEB Gartner.

What sets his coaching apart is Nihar’s ability to combine business acumen with curiosity and nonjudgmental observation to help his clients thrive.

The CIO of American Airlines said about his coaching: "Nihar has this uncanny ability to know what I want to say before I say it - and he articulates my own thoughts and feelings better than I can myself...I value him enormously and highly recommend him." He is most requested to advise highly successful leaders in achieving next level executive impact on business results, team engagement and strategic visioning, particularly during times of complex change.

In addition to coaching and speaking to global audiences, Nihar is a contributing writer on leadership to Harvard Business Review and Forbes, and has been featured in Fast Company, Deloitte University Press, Ladders and The Huffington Post.

He was selected to be part of the Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches (MG100) community of the world’s top coaches and holds the PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credential from the International Coach Federation. Nihar also teaches a highly rated seminar on leadership to Executive MBA students at the Cox Business School at Southern Methodist University and lectures to the Georgetown University alumni community.

Clinching the Client Chemistry Meeting

2020-06-08T17:00:00-04:00 2020-06-17T08:00:00-04:00 Monday, June 8th 17:00 EDT Length: 45 minutes

Nihar Chhaya

  • Executive Coach & Keynote Speaker
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When companies hire corporate coaches, they typically offer 2-3 choices for the executive to choose from based on an individual chemistry meeting (what we coaches often call the “beauty pageant”). Each coach is already vetted for their skills and capabilities, so the decision is ultimately made based on a first impression by the leader through just one conversation. 

This meeting is the most critical determinant for whether you will get to coach at the company and yet it is highly unstructured, unpredictable, and virtually impossible to prepare for because leaders come to the meeting with different (often hidden) factors that will influence such a personal decision. 

Nihar Chhaya, executive coach to senior leaders at top global companies like American Airlines, Coca-Cola, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and dozens more, has not only succeeded in being selected by clients through numerous chemistry meetings, he is a former head of executive development at a Fortune 200 company and has an insider view into why executives choose certain coaches over others. 

In this session, he will show you how to approach the chemistry session in ways that set you apart from other candidates and increase the likelihood of the executive choosing you as their coach.

  1. The mistakes even the most experienced coaches make, that lead executives to reject them.
  2. Specific behaviors and phrases to deepen your connection during the chemistry session.
  3. Ways to save a chemistry meeting that is derailing and regain the chance to offer value.

Live Coaching Demonstration with Nihar Chhaya: Overcoming Self-Doubt When Coaching Powerful Executives

2020-11-05T17:00:00-05:00 2020-10-30T00:51:09-04:00 Thursday, November 5th 17:00 EDT Length: 90 minutes

Nihar Chhaya

  • Executive Coach & Keynote Speaker

Have you ever doubted whether you have enough credibility and value to coach a powerful executive, who has more experience than you in their business?

Do you ever worry about your ability to sustain a coaching practice, when there are coaches with more experience, better credentials, or more connections with executives than you?

Nihar Chhaya, an executive coach to senior leaders at top global companies like American Airlines, CocaCola, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and dozens more, built a highly successful independent practice not without self-doubt but in spite of it.

He dedicated his career over the past 15 years to learning and practicing the artful delivery of credible coaching to often skeptical high-powered business leaders.

He also managed self-doubt when developing his practice, having left a successful role as head of talent development at a Fortune 200 company to compete in an industry where coaches are selected on many unpredictable factors (e.g. credentials, contacts, corporate careers, etc.) Based on lessons learned managing self-doubt while he built credibility with executives and developed his practice, Nihar will share specific methods to use and offer a live coaching demo to help a volunteer who may be feeling self-doubt with a client or in their practice.

1. Gain confidence by knowing how to assert your power and show credibility in the coaching relationship.

2. Manage self-doubt around business development by smart positioning of your value relative to others.

3. How to make self-doubt work for you, making you a better coach and to build a successful practice.

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