Moira Halliday is the Director of Programmes with the AoEC (Academy of Executive Coaching) where she is responsible for global programme design, quality assurance, faculty development and supervision.

As a member of faculty herself, she leads the team delivering the Advanced Practitioner Programme. Being a member of the AoEC team provides Moira with a range of opportunities to feed her passion for realising potential in people and organisations.

Moira is also committed to her own theoretical and experiential learning and development. For over 20 years prior to joining the AoEC Moira successfully combined organisational consultancy, executive coaching and psychotherapy in her own business.

Working with CEOs, senior managers, leaders and leadership teams she focused on developing effective leadership skills, organisational learning, managing change and enhancing personal effectiveness.

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2020-06-08T09:00:00-04:00 2020-06-17T08:00:00-04:00 Monday, June 8th 9:00 EDT Length: 45 minutes

Moira Halliday

  • Program Director at the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC)
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One fundamental question underpinning the AoEC programmes is 'Who Am I?' with each programme providing different learning environments in which to explore the question.

In this webinar I will apply the question to the organisation itself 'Who Are We?' - including the AoEC values, the philosophy of our style of training executive coaches and the aspects of coaching we hold most dear.

What makes the 'Who Am I?' question so important is a deep held belief in the uniqueness of ourselves as coaches in combination with the uniqueness of our clients or coachees. The bringing together of coach and coachee has the potential to create an amazing space in which the coach can support the client to do their essential work, unlock their true potential and grow.

In this session we will be taking a look at why coaching should always be enveloped by a psychological safety net and what can happen if there are holes in that net.

There is a vast array of coaching models in existence and this continues to grow. See how we respond to this evolution at the same time as putting the coach at the forefront of what we do.

Finally, it would not be right to ignore what has affected every one of us in the world over recent months and the ways that we have all had to adapt. The AoEC is over 20 years old and is a virtual global organisation. Despite this we have learnt lessons ourselves on the benefits of virtual learning – some of which we can share with you.

1. Understanding the AoEC philosophy and values
2. The importance of experiential learning environments - physical and virtual
3. Why awareness of self as a coach is fundamental to being a great coach

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