With an international track record, Mary B. Simon is known for delivering results and ROI in high stakes circumstances and environments. As one client offered: “She expertly navigates through complexity and cuts to the chase with precision, grace and results for/with the client. Along with this, she brings game changing value across organizational levels. As someone who stands tirelessly committed to ensuring professional value for her clients, her reputation compounds through decades of client accomplishments.” Mary Simon specializes in Executive and Organization Consulting, Coaching and Facilitation. For 2+ decades, she has engendered high trust and consistently created strong impact and excellent return on investment. Through partnering with U.S. based and multinational CEOs, executives, teams and Boards of Directors, she consistently transforms complex challenges into win-win solutions.

In the past five years she has expanded her repertoire of valued solutions to incorporate principles of neuroscience to help her customers navigate transitions. Mary has served as faculty/staff for the MBA and Executive MBA programs at The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania, authored a book about negotiation strategies (Negotiate Your Job Offer, A Step-by-Step Guide for a Win-Win Situation) for John Wiley & Sons, NY, NY, and coached senior leaders, executive teams and boards in 16 industries. An international speaker on the topic of neuroscience and negotiation, she is anchored in principles that make transitions possible.

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