After Martin had spent almost two decades in the aviation industry as an airline- & corporate jet pilot, he co-founded Cockpit Coaches in early 2020. The mission of Cockpit Coaches is to support airline pilots through the "Pilot Realignment Program". To guide pilots exploring professional opportunities outside the cockpit, to be independent of the cyclical nature of the aviation industry while creating life on their own terms.

Next to Martin’s extensive background in aviation, his "zone of genius" as a coach derives from his own journey as an airline pilot, union representative, corporate happiness expert, ultra-runner and especially his experience of reconnecting with his father after 36 years. That was the moment when he realized what his coaching education was really about: to empower people to move past their self-imposed limitations & belief systems, especially reminding airline pilots how powerful they truly are, even outside the cockpit.

*Coach Showcase* Authentic Online Coaching - To Serve More Clients Without 'Burning' Yourself (Out)

2020-11-04T13:00:00-05:00 2020-11-10T23:59:00-05:00 Wednesday, November 4th 13:00 EDT Length: 60 minutes

Martin Stork

  • Co-Founder Cockpit Coaches
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The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing coaches to move from in-person coaching sessions to online coaching. Online Coaching comes in many ways and forms, ranging from simple zoom calls to running group coaching sessions to designing online coaching programs. The latter is magic as it allows your work to be done without you being physically present! So having an online coaching practice is not only a “nice to have” but a “must have” going forward. It also allows coaches to establish their presence worldwide and not only locally. So the growth potential for your coaching practice is enormous! In this session, I will take you through an interactive process to identify your own (coaching) zone of genius followed by practical hands-on guidance on how to get rolling to build your own online coaching program and how to market it. Sounds like a lot. It is. But don't worry. Not only do I speak (too) fast, I will also make sure you will have tangible key take-aways to get started.

  1. Identify your coaching "zone of genius"
  2. How to create an authentic online coaching program
  3. How to market your program and yourself in the online world
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