Born in South Africa, Marita was on the forefront of activism groups protesting apartheid. She received degrees in Social Work and Medical Social Work from the University of Stellenbosch.

She joined the Faculty of the University of Cape Town School of Social Work after completing her training in Psychiatric Social Work at Cape Town University. During this time she became a specialist in Family Systems Therapy and had extensive practice as a Family Systems Therapist in Cape town. After leaving South Africa Marita became a world citizen, lived and consulted in England, the British and American West Indies, and Puerto Rico before finally settling in America.

Marita extended her academic and professional expertise in the United States with qualifications in Process Work, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Coaching and Team Coaching. It was from this rich mix of professional training and expertise that the ICF accredited Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) was evolved.

Currently she is a consultant to several large organizations and mentor to a large number of practitioners in the field of Team Coaching. In addition, she designs curriculum and operates training programs for coaches, executives and teams.

One of the current foci for Marita and the CRR Global team is on how to equip Agilists with the necessary tools and skills using Relationship Systems Work to put people over process in the global field of Agile.

One of the principles of RSI is that 'systems are in a constant state of Emergence'. The current and recent pandemic of the corona virus is a primary example of that constant state of emergence that when the signals were not heeded, turned into an emergency! Within the body of ORSC and Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI) lies the tools and skills with which coaches and change agents can step up to create FROM this emergence rather than react TO it. This is the current charge that she is leading in the world of team and systems coaching.

The Relationship System as Oracle: Finding Answers for Yourself and Your Clients

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Marita Fridjhon

  • CEO of CRR Global
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From Pythia of Delphi, a priestess who delivered predictions from her shrine, to ancient Islamic Geomancers reading sand patterns to understand the universe, every culture has its own oracles. All were consulted because they were believed to hold the answers. It is part of human nature to seek answers, and as a coach, your clients have found their way to you in a similar quest.

The range of experiences you, or any individual would need to have lived, in order to have all the answers yourself, is simply impossible! A mother with cancer. A father who is a workaholic. A young girl who doesn't feel she was born into the right body. A team who loses its leader. A company weathering an economic crisis. Nobody has the breadth or depth of experience to hold all these answers. But what if there was another source with a different wisdom, and you held the keys to it?

Join us as we explore how to access any system's unique 3rd Entity, and how to seek answers from that system itself, for ourselves, and for our clients. The knowledge, creativity and intelligence inherent in any particular system, is beyond to sum total of that of the individual players. What is possible when you can access that? Every tool and skill trained by CRR Global in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) is aimed at uncovering that intelligence!

1. Every system has its own unique identity. You will discover how to "hear, see "and "sense" the system

2. All systems are in a constant state of emergence; dare to create from it rather than react to it!

3. A taste of the experience of ORSC and how it works and the training that gives coaches and consultants and leaders access to this work

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