Mr. Eric Dumisani Zinyengere was born in Zimbabwe. He works as a Coach, Consultant, and Catalyst whose purpose in life is to help people and businesses unlock and exploit their full potential. Eric is a certified management consultant and trainer running his own company TEAM Consulting based in Zimbabwe and operating in the Southern African Region. In this context,  Eric has spent the last five years working as National Country Coach to the Government of Zimbabwe supporting reforms around the “Doing Business” environment and has also supported other related reform programs across the public sector.

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Eric Zinyengere

  • Founder TEAM Consulting
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The world we live in is changing and the level of uncertainty has increased. This in many respects has meant that the execution rate of projects and the ability of organizations to get the desired results has diminished even more. Kaplan and Norton, founders of the Balanced Scorecard, note that only 10% of strategies actually get executed successfully. There is a plethora of ideas and theories around how to improve execution with google providing over 181 million entries.

Working within an African Government Context (Volatile, Bureaucratic, Disjointed, and Lethargic) to support the implementation of reforms and drive results, over the last 7 years, has allowed us to develop a four-part framework for coaching these teams to achieve tangible results and we believe the lessons we have learned and this framework can be adapted to other environments.

  1. Coaching teams to achieve results must start with the Leader
  2. Tools and methodologies are only useful if focused on the Result
  3. Achieving results needs teams to be coached to breakdown inherent silos
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