Dr Doug MacKie is a business psychologist and executive coach specialising in the strength-based assessment and development of executive and leadership capability within top 100 companies both in UK, Asia and Australia. His qualifications in organisational and business psychology have helped to shape his focus on increasing the performance and engagement of both the individual and the organisation. 

He has more than 30yrs experience as a practicing psychologist and has a particular interest in developing high performing teams and the development of leadership capabilities in senior executives and systemically across organisations. His experience in facilitating the developing executive capability and positive cultures in a variety of countries brings an international perspective and global mindset to his approach. 

Prior to establishing his own consultancy, Doug worked for a top London business psychology consultancy and managed departments of psychologists in Health care settings. He is an active and long-standing associate of some of the top Business Schools in Australia and has helped to develop and integrate executive coaching into their leadership development programs. Doug has taken a leadership role in the development of the coaching industry and has presented at International conferences and published in leading journals on the effectiveness of strength-based approaches to leadership development and importance of effective evaluation and assessing ROI in coaching engagements. 

He is an active researcher and has completed the largest controlled trial to date on the effects of strength-based executive coaching on transformational leadership behaviour and his research was short-listed for the prestigious British Psychological Society Practitioner of the Year Award in 2013. He is the author of the definitive guide to Strength-Based Leadership Coaching in Organisations (2016) and is a co-editor of the The Practitioners Handbook of Team Coaching (2019). He has recently established the Centre for Climate Change Leadership in Organisations. 

Strength-Based Leadership Coaching 2.0: Challenges & Opportunities

2021-04-01T18:00:00-04:00 2021-04-07T00:59:00-04:00 Thursday, April 1st 18:00 EDT Length: 90 minutes

Dr. Doug MacKie

  • Business Psychologist and Executive Coach

Strength-Based leadership coaching has demonstrated significant efficacy in the development of contemporary leadership capability, (MacKie, 2014). Unlike many coaching methodologies, this effect has been demonstrated beyond the level of self-report and in addition, there is convincing evidence that is the specific strength-based methodology rather than the generic coaching approach that is responsible for the observed enhancements in leadership effectiveness. 

Criticisms of the approach:However positive approaches to leadership development have come under sustained criticism for their lack of replicability, poor construct validity, and value neutrality, ( Roy & Wong, 2017). How does these criticisms apply to strength based approaches and how might this approach develop as a consequence? 

Future Opportunities: In addition to the traditional application of strength based approaches to individual leadership development, this approach is now being successfully applied in team coaching. Furthermore strength-based approaches are also applicable in addressing climate change through the development of sustainability leadership. Sustainability leadership offers the opportunity to align strength-based coaching with sustainable outcomes beyond shareholder and organisational value and acknowledges that all leadership coaching occurs within an ecological context.

  1. The current empirical and theoretical support for strength-based leadership coaching
  2. The identification of some of the key challenges of positive psychological approaches and how these might be addressed.
  3. Future areas of application of strength-based leadership coaching including teams, sustainability and climate change.
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