Dr. André Vermeulen is the founding member and CEO of Neuro-Link, a boutique consultancy specializing in the neuroscience of performance optimization. He is also a part time lecturer and member of the Neuroscience Research Group of the University of Pretoria, where his function is to translate neuroscience into tools that people, coaches and business can use to drive results.

André is a thought leader in the field of neuro-agility - the brain-based elements that impact the ease, speed and flexibility with which people learn, think and process information. As a business innovator, André has developed and patented various Neuro Agility Profile™ assessments and applied neuroscience learning solutions that are used by thousands of people in education, business and sports across the globe.

He has published more than 43 leading articles on the development implications of the brain and mental health. As an internationally recognized thought leader, Dr. André Vermeulen brings more than 27 years of experience helping people and organizations ground their people development practices into neuroscience and develop agile people and organizations. He has frequently contributed on numerous prestigious platforms like TEDx and ATD ICE since 2000. André is a sought-after speaker frequently voted "best of the conference", known to engage, educate and entertain. He is a regular guest on many radio and television talk shows around the globe and hosts his own television program called "Mind Matters"

Neuro-Agility: A Construct to Future Proof Your Career

2020-06-02T09:00:00-04:00 2020-06-10T08:00:00-04:00 Tuesday, June 2nd 9:00 EDT Length: 45 minutes

Dr. André Vermeulen

  • World Renowned Expert in the Field of Neuro-Agility
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The age of disruption calls for companies to plan for positions that don’t exist now and recruit and develop talent that will be agile and competent enough to fill those positions. This calls for sourcing and developing agile people who can fill those positions because they have the ability to learn, unlearn, relearn and multi-skill fast and easy in new, first time situations.

Before people can be agile at learning, thinking, emotions, leadership and how they perform in teams, they need to optimize the drivers that impact the ease and speed with which they learn, think and process information and integrate the neurophysiological elements which determine their neurological design and impact their mental flexibility.

Being able to optimize these brain-based elements will enable people to be neuro agile, which is the starting point for developing agile people. During this session Dr. André Vermeulen will explore how the construct of neuro-agility helps professionals to develop talent, improve their performance and reduce their risk for human error.

1. Learn a framework to become neuro agile
2. Identify 7 neurophysiological 7 components of people's neurological design
3. Apply 5 brain agility exercises

Aligning Your Coaching Session to Your Coachee's Neurological Design

2020-11-05T09:00:00-05:00 2020-10-30T01:04:38-04:00 Thursday, November 5th 9:00 EDT Length: 90 minutes

Dr. André Vermeulen

  • World Renowned Expert in the Field of Neuro-Agility

People's neurological design consists of various neurophysiological components that influence how uniquely they think, learn, process information, and experience the world. It is, therefore, essential for all coaches and people development professionals to be aware of how their neurological design and the neurological design of the people they coach and develop, will greatly influence the outcome and effectiveness of coaching sessions and learning interventions.

During this session, the presenter will follow a neuroscience approach to illustrate what neurological design is, how it can influence coaching, and how to optimize people's mental flexibility.

1. Learn how people's neurodesign can influence a coaching session.

2. Learn 5 brain agility skills to improve mental flexibility.

3. Identify the 7 neurophysiological components of people's neurological design.

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