11th World Business and Executive Coach Pre-Summit offers:
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    of Learning

  • 40+

    LIVE Sessions

  • 40+

    Expert Speakers

  • 100% Pitch Free

    for all sessions

The Future of Coaching is Brighter Than Ever

It’s no secret that the coaching community has been through challenging times. But together, we’ve come out the other side stronger than ever.

Now is an exciting time for coaches. As the industry evolves, coaches are being opened up to fresh thinking and exciting new opportunities. In today’s coaching landscape, you’ll find immense potential to:

Serve your clients in greater ways as you help them navigate ever-changing times

Become more united as an industry as you forge new connections with fellow coaches

Grow your coaching business to new heights as you advance your skills

Your potential for coaching success right now is endless, and we’re here to ensure you achieve it.

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“People have asked me: ’Why WBECS?’
I’ve attended all 10 years of the WBECS! I started hosting their Implementation Mastery Sessions in 2016. Then I became a Coach Host in 2018.

Why? - Because of the brilliant content they bring, the deep learning that comes from it, and the global community I am now connected with!”

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David Taylor-Klaus

Your All-Access Pass
To The World’s Leading Business And Executive Coaching Event

Learn from 40+ coaching industry pioneers at no cost when you attend the 11th annual WBECS Pre-Summit. Access sessions from anywhere in the world with just the click of a button!

40+ Live Sessions

Learn remotely from the world’s leading experts on the latest and most dynamic coaching disciplines.

Live Coaching Demos

See how top coaches implement their teachings in live coaching sessions - and how you can too.

72-Hour Replay Access

Missed a session? Catch up at your own pace. Available exclusively to Pre-Summit registrants.

Coach Community

An exclusive community of like-minded, professional coaches dedicated to improving their skills and growing their business

Thought Leader
Panel Discussions

A rare opportunity to join vibrant discussions between coaching masters on highly relevant coaching topics.

Mastery Sessions

Dive deep into the practical application of your learning with colleagues from around the world. Enjoy these sessions in a variety of languages, including Arabic, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

NEW for 2021!

WBECS Community
For Coaches

Get exclusive access to this community just for coaches. A place away from social media where professional coaches can connect, collaborate and celebrate together as a community.

Connect with professional coaches from around the world

Have real conversations about coaching that matter to you

Discover resources & tools to elevate your coaching

Find & connect with coaches in your local area

Engage in the most popular coaching categories

Submit questions to be answered live in Summit sessions

Join the conversation for every live Summit session

“WBECS made it so there was an Implementation Mastery (IM) Session after where I could talk to my peers and find out what they thought about in different parts of the world and how they enacted some of this information that they just received. Well, this was a game-changer.”

Marc Wolfe, WBECS IM Session Facilitator

The Implementation Mastery Sessions That Coaches Love - Completely FREE!

Implementation Mastery (IM) sessions are the most popular way to take your Pre-Summit learning even deeper!

Run by a highly skilled team of Facilitators, these sessions allow you to explore the practical application of your learning. Make new friends and connections with other growth-minded coaches from around the world. Plus, enjoy these sessions in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Russian, and more.

During past Summits, every single Implementation Mastery session has reached maximum capacity. Coaches tell us these sessions are their favorite part of the Pre-Summit - and you can experience them for FREE.

This year, we’ve added even more IM sessions to better meet your needs.

Simply register for the complimentary Pre-Summit today, then sign up for as many IM sessions as you would like to attend. It’s that simple!

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“In these sessions, we are given the opportunity to expand and deepen our coaching skills. Plus, we have the chance to make new friends, expand our networks, and even form some new partnerships.”

Susan Alexander, WBECS IM Session Facilitator

Customize Your
Pre-Summit Experience With Themed Learning Tracks

Interested in a specific coaching topic? Then our themed learning tracks are the best way to get the most out of your Pre-Summit experience. Instantly identify the sessions that will be the most impactful for YOU. Choose from a variety of learning tracks such as:

Business Development Live Coaching Demonstrations Diversity and Inclusion Coaching Methodology Neuroscience and Psychology Teams & Team Coaching Thriving Leaders And more...
Some of our current esteemed partners include:
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Coaches Love The
WBECS Pre-Summit:

“Attending the WBECS Pre-Summit has given me so many opportunities to connect with amazing thought-leaders and exceptional coaches who I can learn from. I really love the sense of community and feeling part of a family that WBECS offers, as well as such high quality training.”

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Samia Kornweibel

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Earn up to 223 CCEUs

Earn 5+ CCEUs By
Participating In The Pre-Summit

ICF Members can claim up to 5.25 complimentary CCEUs by participating in the Pre-Summit. If you decide to continue your learning with the Full Summit, you can claim up to 223 CCEUs, depending on the membership package you select.

*223 CCEUs are available when you participate in the Full Summit and the Pre-Summit.

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Earn up to 240 CPD Credits

Earn 5 CPD Credits By
Participating In The Pre-Summit

Get awarded EMCC Global Quality Award Bespoke Programme Certification by successful participation in the Full Summit.

EMCC Members can claim up to 5 complimentary CPD Credits by participating in the Pre-Summit. If you decide to continue your learning with the Full Summit, you can claim up to 240 CPD Credits and design your own EMCC Accreditation with the Pro Coach + Membership.

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Register for the FREE Pre-Summit today and get instant access to a BONUS Coaching Demo Video Pack with 5 coaching demos. See the world’s best coaches in action and come away with clear shifts you can make in your coaching sessions to enhance your impact.


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At the WBECS Group, our mission is to raise the global standard of coaching by empowering coaches to expand their skill set, create a tangible impact for their clients, and to give back to the world as a result.

We partner with the world’s leading experts in the industry and offer interactive and digital learning experiences that allow our community to grow and shape their skills as a coach more deeply.