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8 ModulesTeam Coaching Gateway is
structured into 8 powerful sessions

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The days of the heroic CEO are over. Today’s challenges need collaborative teams and they need them NOW

Companies are struggling to solve new challenges using yesterday’s solutions.

A new leadership model is needed. One that can deliver results NOW and remove the limits of traditional, organizational development.

The Team Coaching Revolution
is here. Are YOU ready?

Today’s organizations find themselves in increasingly volatile, unpredictable, complex, and ambiguous (or VUCA) situations. Emerging challenges are proving to need more than individual leadership.

80% of businesses operate almost wholly in teams

21st-century obstacles are going to be overcome by dynamic, agile, collaborative teams with the ability to adapt in uncertain circumstances.

This requires a continuous learning culture that encourages new thinking.

A solid team coaching regimen will create the path to positive outcomes.

That’s where you come in.

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Join the historic first program of
‘The WBECS Global Team Coaching Institute’

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Your Path to Becoming a Team Coaching Senior Practitioner

Welcome to an online institute dedicated to Team Coaching. Where the world’s foremost experts come to teach; coaches come to become the best; and organizations come to find the best.

As the world’s leading destination for team coaching, the WBECS Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI) brings the world’s brightest minds on the subject of teaming together in one place.

GTCI Faculty: The world’s BEST
Team Coaching Experts

Global Team Coaching Institute - pages sales coaches Hawkins

prof. Peter Hawkins

GTCI Co-founder

Global Team Coaching Institute - pages sales coaches Clutterbuck

prof. David Clutterbuck

GTCI Co-founder

GTCI 2020 Faculty:
Global Team Coaching Institute - pages sales coaches Tammy

Tammy Turner

GTCI Faculty Member

Global Team Coaching Institute - pages sales coaches Barbara

Barbara Walsh

GTCI Faculty Member

Global Team Coaching Institute - pages sales coaches Jonh

John Leary-Joyce

GTCI Faculty Member

Global Team Coaching Institute - pages sales coaches Hilary

Dr. Hilary Lines

GTCI Faculty Member

Global Team Coaching Institute - pages sales coaches Catherine

Dr. Catherine Carr

GTCI Faculty Member

Global Team Coaching Institute - pages sales coaches Paul

Paul Anwandter

GTCI Faculty Member

Global Team Coaching Institute - pages sales coaches Evia

Evija Vascenko

GTCI Faculty Member

Co founded by WBECS, Peter Hawkins, and David Clutterbuck, this pioneering online body is designed to help coaches learn from the world's foremost experts in team coaching. Together we’ll set a precedent for quality and success worldwide.

In addition to the core faculty, the WBECS GTCI boasts an incredible lineup of over 20 faculty members worldwide, each of whom has extensive Team Coaching experience.

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How will the Team Coaching Gateway program empower me as a coach?

  • Clarify how to help organizations fully optimize and mobilize teams

  • Understand how leaders can best operate within this new team-based model

  • Discover tools that enable your clients to adapt to the demands of a fast-changing world.

  • Encourage clients to stay relevant during any major transition

  • Embed team-based thinking into every level of an organization - from the individual to the ecosystem

Here’s what people are saying about
team coaching today:

“The biggest problem in business today is time pressure that results in decisions made quickly, without appropriate input from stakeholders, and poor accountability. Team coaching can solve this, by catalysing appropriate stakeholders, making strategic decisions with each stakeholder’s input, and buy-in from those implementing the strategy.”

Tammy Turner
CEO of Turner International

“There is a very big difference between 1-on-1 coaching and team coaching. Most importantly, you need to build a relationship of trust and psychological safety not with one, but multiple individuals.”

Dr. Robert Wegener
Co-Director of Coaching Studies, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern, Switzerland

“Every line manager and team leader should learn the foundations of team coaching. Most of them are not even aware that they are a part of multiple teams. In the last 20 years, GDP growth across the world has been almost flat, despite all the strategies, knowledge, technologies and 1:1 performance coaching. What we need are strong teams that can work better, not longer.”

Roberto Degli Esposti
Executive Coach and Managing Partner at the School of Business Coaching, Italy

Get essential Team Coaching tools from the world’s greatest Team Leadership experts

22.5 hours of LIVE sessions with our world-renowned faculty will accelerate you to team coaching excellence.

Each module contains 1.5 hours of LIVE content, case studies and Q&A sessions. The Certification also features 12 hours of valuable, guided practice, qualifying you to receive an EMCC Foundations-Level Certification.

LIVE Module

You will get exclusive access to the Membership Area, where you’ll find recordings and transcripts of all the LIVE sessions. PLUS: over 25 tools AND access to the GTCI Community, so you can engage with other coaches in the program.

Who should register for
the Gateway Program?

The Program is designed for:
  • • Executive Coaches
  • • Internal Coaches
  • • External Coaches
  • • Team Coaches
  • • Business Coaches
  • • Leadership Coaches
Would also benefit from attending:
  • • Corporate VPs
  • • HR Managers
  • • Department Leads
  • • Team Leaders
  • • Line Managers
  • • General Managers
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Modules Overview

You will learn:

  • Why organizations need better teams and teaming
  • How coaches, consultants, leaders and HR professionals can become competent in introducing, contracting and carrying out team coaching
  • The basic concepts behind team dynamics, team coaching and what it means to be an effective team coach

You will learn:

  • The key differences between groups and teams
  • How to differentiate between types of team and the implications for how teams function
  • The critical factors that underpin team performance and dysfunction

You will learn:

  • Where team coaching has come from – and where it is going
  • The difference between group coaching and team coaching
  • Four levels of team coaching
  • The continuum of team coaching 
  • How to select the level of team coaching the team needs 

You will learn:

  • The territories of team coaching and how they require different approaches
  • The primary models of team coaching: systemic and complex, adaptive systemic perspectives
  • How to help the team understand its own dynamics
  • How to work with a systemic perspective
  • Managing stakeholder connections

You will learn:

  • To understand the journey of team coaching and the various phases it goes through
  • How to introduce team coaching and carry out the first contract
  • How to support a co-inquiry and co-discovery phase
  • How to ensure effective, multi-dimensional contracting
  • How to recognise and avoid common derailers of team coaching 

You will learn:

  • How to build psychological safety and collaborative relations within a team
  • How to create and use a Team Development Plan
  • How to help a team build its systemic awareness and coach itself
  • How to create a sustainable coaching culture in a team

You will learn:

  • How to help a team develop clarity of purpose
  • How to work with different levels of individual and collective maturity
  • How to help the team explore and adhere to its values and ethics
  • How to measure the impact of team coaching

You will learn:

  • How to make the case for team coaching 
  • How team coaching is evolving: the impact of international standards, research, Artificial Intelligence and the emerging concept of teams of teams 
  • The different team coaching practitioner programmes that are available – what they entail and cover and what you will be able to do by the end of each
  • How to plan your developmental journey in team coaching 
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Certification Bonuses

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28.5 CPD Credits by EMCC

Once you complete the Certification Program, you will be automatically recommended for an EMCC Foundation Level Professional Accreditation, worth 399 EUR or 440 USD completely free of charge!

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First 200 Registered for certification receive a BONUS session:

“Grow your business NOW by becoming Team Literate” with Peter Hawkins & David Clutterbuck

First 200 Registered for certification receive a BONUS session:

Grow your business NOW by becoming Team Literate

with Peter Hawkins & David Clutterbuck
“The real challenges in organizations are not in the parts, or the people, but in the connections. “ - Peter Hawkins
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Team Coaching Gateway
Program Pricing options

  • Number of live sessions
  • Number of hours of live content
  • Number of modules
  • Number of EMCC CPD Credits
  • Number of ICF CCEUs
  • Number of tools included in program
  • Community
  • Number of Guided practicums
  • Bonus 1 - Session “Grow your business NOW by becoming Team Literate” by Peter Hawkins & David Clutterbuck
  • Bonus 2 - FREE EMCC Foundation Level Professional Accreditation (399 EUR or 440 USD value)
  • Carry on to Practitioner
  • EMCC Foundation Certification
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Team Coaching Gateway Program
with Peter Hawkins & David Clutterbuck

  • 8 LIVE Sessions
  • 12 Hours
  • 8 Modules
  • 20.5 CPD Credits
  • 20.5 CCEUs
  • 25+ Tools

  • Community
  • $2,597 Full Price
  • $547 Per Month for 5 Months

In recognition of the disruption caused by Covid19: If you are concerned about payment, please contact support@wbecs.com.
Our team will help you work out a plan to meet your needs.


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Team Coaching Gateway?

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30-day Money Back Guarantee

e’re confident the Team Coaching Gateway Program will transform the way you coach. That’s why you have a 30-day money back guarantee from the start date of your program, April 7th, 2020. If you are not receiving compelling value from this program, we will happily refund your payment.

Frequently asked questions

The Team Coaching Gateway program is the first step on a journey that will prepare you for guiding and developing the teams of tomorrow. Peter and David understand that traditional models of learning were not designed with modern challenges in mind. They developed this program for you to help organizations optimize team effectiveness in an ever-changing world.

Thank you for your inquiry regarding prerequisites. The only prerequisite to join is an interest in developing your team coaching skills. This program is ideal for 1:1 coaches of every level, as well as Team Leaders and HR professionals.

If your work requires working with teams, leading teams, or coaching teams and team leaders, this program is a must-have.

There has never been anything like it! Here’s why:

  1. It brings together all the top names and key authorities in the field
  2. It’s incredibly flexible – you can switch streams at each level to experience learning from different perspectives as you grow.
  3. It’s aimed not just at coaches, but HR and leaders too – so they can learn with their clients.

We don’t make exaggerated claims. This program provides the highest-quality training, setting a standard of excellence that can make a real difference – not just to your clients, but to the wider world.

Simply put, yes. When you work with one person, you may have a ripple effect on people they work with. When you team coach you affect the whole system and that’s much, much more valuable.

Yes! This program takes you through the very basics of Team Coaching and it is suitable for coaches of every level, even if you’re just starting out.

You will learn how teams work, what makes them tick, why teams perform badly, the main dysfunctions of a team, and how to help a team work effectively. You will discover concepts and approaches that a team coach routinely uses in their coaching engagements so that you can immediately start implementing this knowledge into your day to day work!

There are probably 10,000 people per year learning to be 1-on-1 coaches. How are you going to compete with them – not just next year, but in the years to follow?

You have 4 choices when an executive you’re coaching individually asks you, “Can you also coach my team too?” They are:

  • say yes and muddle through, at risk to your reputation
  • be honest and say “I don’t have the skills to do that”
  • go learn how to do it
  • use the stepping stone of helping them create a coaching culture in their team

Our programme is designed so you can be authentic as you work through these stages.

The Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI) by WBECS aims to bring together the expertise and experience of the world’s foremost authorities on team coaching. We believe that “team literacy” is now an essential competency for all coaches, team leaders, and HR professionals and that there is a vast and growing need for competent team coaches that can only be fulfilled through large-scale, high-quality training. 

GTCI is the first educational hub dedicated to Team Coaching. It’s where the world’s foremost team coaching experts come to teach, where coaches come to become the best and where organizations come to find the best in team leadership.

Some of the key markets we see right now are:

  • Project teams and new teams
  • Agile teams
  • Leadership teams aiming to make team leadership a competitive advantage
  • Team mergers – how do you create a shared “future history” and enable members to truly value each other
  • Teams that need to become better linked with their stakeholders

Both! Whether you’re working with corporate clients as an external coach or leading teams within a company, you will benefit from the tools and methodologies shared in this program. This information can also be applied in your 1:1 coaching sessions because, as you will learn in this program, every person is part of many teams, whether they realize it or not. No matter who your clients may be, they will benefit from your ability to coach them in a systemic, interconnected way.

Yes! This program has previously been taught to experienced coaches who wanted to learn how to move from individual to team coaching. Team Coaching requires an entirely different approach and it poses a unique set of challenges that not many people can work through even when they are extremely knowledgeable in individual coaching.

The content of the program is based on research and scientific methods routinely taught in HR and organizational development courses. The curriculum is designed to address both experienced coaches and beginners.


Global Team Coaching Institute - squeeze david g

Prof. Peter Hawkins

Peter Hawkins, Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School, author of many best-selling books and papers in the fields of systemic coaching, leadership and change, leading pioneer and thought-leader in areas of systemic team coaching, supervision, and board development, Chairman of Renewal Associates, Honorary President of the Academy of Executive Coaching, teaches and consults in over 50 countries and is a regular keynote speaker at international conferences.

Global Team Coaching Institute - squeeze david c

Prof. David Clutterbuck

David Clutterbuck, is one of the international pioneers of coaching and mentoring, author of 70 books, and well-known international keynote speaker. He has been named No 1 Influencer on European Coaching, and one of Marshall Goldsmith’s Global 100 leading coaches. As Co-Founder of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC), and now its Special Ambassador, he leads a global network of researchers and trainers specializing in coaching and mentoring. He is visiting Professor in the coaching and mentoring departments of 4 universities - Henley Business School, Oxford Brookes, Sheffield Hallam, and York St John - and visiting lecturer in many others.