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Teams are the way forward

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In this 90-minute session, you’ll be introduced to a new paradigm of leadership and teamwork - one that’s vital for success in 2020 and beyond. Discover how to get future-fit by building robust, cohesive teams that are primed for success.

The Team Coaching Accelerator marks the historic launch of the WBECS Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI) - the destination for finding, becoming, and learning from the very best in team-based thinking.

By participating, you’ll learn EXACTLY
how to leverage the incredible power of team coaching in 90 minutes.


During this historic LIVE event, you will learn how to:

  • Embrace Team Coaching

    Understand why the days of the “Heroic Leader” are over for business. Discover the essential differences between coaching individuals and coaching teams

  • Coach More Systemically

    Facilitate teams to work with each other and every stakeholder across the organization

  • Disrupt The Coaching Industry

    Learn why the individual coaching model is losing momentum, and how to future-fit your practice with team coaching

  • Coach Connections

    Learn how to go beyond individuals within teams and teams as a whole to begin coaching connections between parts and people

  • Transform Your Coaching Practice

    Build your skills to support the new world of team leadership. PLUS Uncover the biggest mistakes coaches and leaders make with teams

  • Optimize Leadership and Development

    Cut through the limits to organizational development imposed by individual coaching

  • Empower Teams

    Enable teams to navigate the challenges of today’s hyper-complex and fast-changing world

  • Stay Relevant

    Future-proof your coaching practice and the organizations you work with by fostering 21st-century collective leadership

Leverage the Incredible POWER of Team Coaching

This Team Coaching Accelerator is a powerful session designed for coaches, leaders, and HR professionals looking to optimize team-effectiveness and succeed in a fast-changing world.

Developed by Professors Peter Hawkins and David Clutterbuck, this accelerator will unlock secrets to team coaching and collaborative leadership amassed over 70 years and across 50 different countries.

You will discover a new paradigm of leadership and teamwork - one that most successful leaders and team coaches are already implementing

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Here’s what people are saying about Team Coaching Gateway:

“The biggest problem in business today is time pressure that results in decisions made quickly, without appropriate input from stakeholders, and poor accountability. Team coaching can solve this, by catalysing appropriate stakeholders, making strategic decisions with each stakeholder’s input, and buy-in from those implementing the strategy.”

Tammy Turner
CEO of Turner International

“There is a very big difference between 1-on-1 coaching and team coaching. Most importantly, you need to build a relationship of trust and psychological safety not with one, but multiple individuals.”

Dr. Robert Wegener
Co-Director of Coaching Studies, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern, Switzerland

“Every line manager and team leader should learn the foundations of team coaching. Most of them are not even aware that they are a part of multiple teams. In the last 20 years, GDP growth across the world has been almost flat, despite all the strategies, knowledge, technologies and 1:1 performance coaching. What we need are strong teams that can work better, not longer.”

Roberto Degli Esposti
Executive Coach and Managing Partner at the School of Business Coaching, Italy

About Peter & David

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Prof. Peter Hawkins

Peter Hawkins is a Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School, chairman of Renewal Associates, and founder of Bath Consultancy Group. He is a leading consultant, coach, and researcher, and is the author of several bestsellers on leadership, coaching, mentoring, and supervision. His latest book, due later this year, is called Systemic Coaching: Delivering Value Beyond the Individual and Beyond the Team.

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Prof. David Clutterbuck

David Clutterbuck is one of the few surviving original pioneers of coaching and mentoring. He is visiting professor in the coaching and mentoring departments of 4 universities - Henley Business School, Oxford Brookes, Sheffield Hallam, and York St John - and visiting lecturer at many others. Co-founder of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, he leads a global network of researchers and trainers specializing in coaching and mentoring. One of his current projects is creating 5 million school-age coaches and mentors globally. He is also the author of more than 70 books.


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